Speed Definitions

Speed, it’s such a simple word. A simple word that many variations on its meaning and can be used in a range of different ways. Speed being both a noun and a verb and has multiple uses for each.


The noun speed and its plural speeds have five possible uses. 

These consist of:

The Common Meaning- More often than not when talking about speed you are referring to how fast something is moving whether it is a person, animal or machine etc or the rate something is done.

The Dated Meaning- Speed used to be used to refer to the gears or a bicycle or motor vehicle. Though you can still use speed this way it is not recommended as this meaning is so dated not many are aware of it.

The Uncommon Meaning- Though rarely used speed can refer to a camera lenses light gathering power. I.e. the camera films sensitivity to light and its exposure duration.

The Informal Meaning- The informal meaning refers to a type of drug or substance like amphetamine.

The Archaic Meaning- Speed can be used to mean prosperity or success.


The verb of speed can be used in various different tenses. The past tense being speeded or sped and the present/ future tenses are speed or speeding. Much like the noun there are multiple uses to the verb.

These consist of:

The Common Meaning- Of speed is to move or do something quickly.

The Informal Meaning- Is referring to being under the influence of drug and used in the same regard as “Tripping”.

The Archaic Meaning- Is to make successful or prosperous.

Speed Phrases

“At Speed”- if something happens “at speed” it simply means something happened quickly or fast. I.e. The train raced past them at speed.

“Pick Up Speed”- means accelerate or increase speed. I.e. If I don’t pick up speed I will be late. 

“Up To Speed”- means operating at full speed but is not limited to the physical speed of objects and can be used to refer to someone knowledge. I.e. the machine is now running up to speed or let me catch you up to speed. 

Synonyms of Speed

Below will be a list of popular synonyms of speed in no particular order with examples.

Rate i.e. this is all happening at an alarming rate.

Pace i.e. he moved at an incredible pace

Tempo i.e. he enjoys dancing to this song because of its fast tempo

Momentum i.e. the skateboard gathered momentum as he headed down hill

Hurry i.e. you will be late if you don’t hurry

Dash i.e. he dashed across the pitch with the ball

Whizz i.e. the car whizzed past without warning

Zoom i.e. the bird zoomed through the air 

Rush i.e. he rushed over to buy the last ice cream

Bolt i.e. the rabbit bolted after being spooked

Scurry i.e. he scurried off

Expedite i.e. the deadline must be expedited 

Accelerate i.e. the car began to accelerate

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