Speed in Business

To not only survive but thrive in business you need to be fast and faster than your competition because business is a race and the finish line is sales. It’s not just about thinking faster or moving faster than your competition as you also have to stay relevant with your audience and in society which is evolving and changing at an alarming rate. Speed is everything.


No matter what sector your business is in, you will be competing with other businesses. In business falling behind your competition could be costly. If you are developing a new product you need to move fast bringing that product to market and acquiring patents because if your competition beats you to the punch and releases their own product that could cripple your business.

When a potential new customer is in need of your services it’s imperative that your services reach them before your competition so you can convert a potential client into a new client but how do you ensure your services reach your customers first?

Search Engines

Everything in these modern times is online, when someone needs help with a problem or help looking for a product the first thing they do is use a search engine. To make sure you services are seen before those of your many competitors you need a website if you don’t have one and you need your website to rank highly in the search engine.

Search engine rankings are the order in which the sites are displayed, so the highest ranking website for a search term will appear at the top of the page before any other organic sites. 

Ranking higher will ensure your customers find you fast but to rank high you need a fast site, it really is all about speed.

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Audience expectations

Everything now is new, cutting edge and more importantly fast. Having instant access to the internet and technologies is nothing short of incredible especially considering it wasn’t too long ago we was unable to use the phone and internet simultaneously never mind using the internet on your phones but all these great advancements have one massive draw back that could be damaging your business. Audiences and society has become inpatient and have come to expect too much, this instant access they have been given has been taken for granted and has become the norm so if your business cannot meet these new expectations your business will suffer so you must push yourself to be faster.

If your delivery time is too slow you will lose customers, if your websites load time is too slow you will lose customers, if you take too long to release a product you will lose customers. Too slow doesn’t necessarily have to be slow just slower than your competition.

Adapting Marketing Strategies

Marketing is always adapting and changing as technologies develop and people evolve, some marketing campaigns from a few years ago have become unacceptable today so you must adapt to the changing climates and adapt fast otherwise you will be left out in the cold.

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